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Todoist vs Amazing Marvin

Amazing Marvin is a customizable and feature-rich Todoist alternative.

Todoist vs Amazing Marvin/>


Todoist vs Amazing Marvin

Amazing Marvin
(setup to mimic Todoist)

Todoist has nowhere near the amount of flexibility and friendliness of a UX as Marvin does.

I find Marvin to beat out Todoist in almost every way.

After seeing Marvin, with its huge amount of strategies, my longtime favourite Todoist seems boring to me, so it's hard to change back again.

Amazing Marvin has all the tools I’d been using together in one place. It’s like if Todoist never stopped growing.

Amazing marvin is... well, amazing. Probably one of the best project management / to-do list apps I've ever tried (I'm a big Todoist user).

I discovered Amazing Marvin 6 months ago and it is MUCH better than any other app I used in the past (Todoist, TickTick, etc).

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Basic Feature Comparison

Here is a direct comparison of some popular features. For a more in depth comparison check out our to-do app comprison chart further down.

Amazing Marvin logoTodoist logo
Do vs. due dateDo vs. due date
Start/defer dateStart/defer date
Calendar ViewCalendar View
2-way Calendar Sync2-way Calendar Sync
Time blockingTime blocking
Agenda viewAgenda view
Time TrackingTime Tracking
Check off soundCheck off sound
Snooze & BackburnerSnooze & Backburner
Duration estimatesDuration estimates
Location RemindersLocation Reminders
List SharingList Sharing
File attachment (coming soon)File attachment
To-do list app Comparison chart

Right for you

Marvin is likely a better fit for you if:

  • you struggle with procrastination
  • you are a productivity power user
  • you manage a complex workload
  • you aren't sure yet what workflow works best for you
  • you use a GTD workflow
  • you use a time blocking workflow
  • you get bored of your to-do app easily
  • you have a clear idea of how you want your to-do app to work
  • you need time tracking
  • you need some extra motivation to get things done
  • you get overwhelmed by your to-do list
  • you are looking for a way to track your goals and habits

Amazing Marvin customizable to-do list app

Easy import & Setup

Is it easy to switch?

Yes! You can import all your tasks from Todoist with our easy importer.

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Amazing Marvin logo
Amazing Marvin Procrastination Guide