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"I’ve completed 95% of my tasks in the past three days. I feel on top of my schedule."

@tierrabluebird on the Beeminder Forum

"The thing I love about it the most is how seamlessly it integrates nearly all of the research on strategies, work flows, and methods to actually help you be productive"

Ben Whitehair on his blog

Rated 4.9/5

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"Marvin changed the way I manage my time, tasks and projects. I've been through all other solutions out there, believe me."

gbetech on AlternativeTo.com

"This apps stands out from all the todo lists I have used."

e0lithic on AlternativeTo.com

"Marvin is the app that I'd long been searching for!"

pascl on AlternativeTo.com

"Marvin goes above and beyond the capabilities of other resources on the market."

LittleParadise on AlternativeTo.com
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Rated 5/5

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