Coming 2020

Procrastination Bootcamp

A 3 month online experience where you learn and practice everything to kick the procrastination habit for good

Ugh, Procrastination

Chances are you have first hand experience with how much misery, stress, and crushed dreams procrastination causes.

While the basic underlying mechanism is always the same, procrastination comes in many flavors, shapes, and sizes. To make sure you get the most out of your three months, the bootcamp will be tailored to your specific situation. If you can identify with any of the statements below you will be a great fit for the program.

There is something I have wanted to do for a while, but I struggle with getting started and/or following through consistently.

I often do things last minute, which causes unnecessary stress and low-quality work.

I waste a lot of time. I want to feel in control of my life and use my time effectively. I hate not doing the things I said I was going to do.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where will the bootcamp take place?
The procrastination bootcamp is a 100% online experience. Everything will take place on a dedicated website.

What format will the bootcamp be in?
The specific lessons will be in audio/video and text format. There is also a big community component, a way you can ask questions, a number of exercises, a training component, a productivity app you can use for free, and a weekly live webinar (optional).

How much will this cost?
We want to make sure the bootcamp is as affordable as possible so that everyone who needs help can participate. Early-bird prices will be under $100 and there will be opportunities to get discounts or even to get in for free. Leave your email to find out more.

What is the time commitment for the bootcamp?
The bootcamp is designed to take very little time each day. The lessons are short but you'll always have the option to dig deeper, ask questions, and engage with others to get more out of the experience. The active training component will of course take time too, but this is all about helping you do work that you want to do (things you are procrastinating right now!). :)

Will I be anonymous?
Yes, 100%. You will pick a username for yourself for the duration of the bootcamp, and that is all that will be visible to other participants. You choose how much you want to share and interact with others.

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