May 2020 Shutdown

I am sorry you lost Wunderlist

Let me help you figure out if Amazing Marvin is a good alternative for you!

Self funded and stable

How do I know you won't shut down too?

Amazing Marvin is entirely self-funded (no investors) and we don't have a free plan. This makes us uninteresting for larger companies to aquire.

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Wunderlist alternative after shutdown
Wunderlist Workflow Setup in Amazing Marvin

Copy your workflow

I like the Wunderlist setup, can I do the same with Marvin?

Yes! Marvin is incredibly customizable and comes with a ton of pre-made templates, including a Wunderlist mimic.

With one click you can have your Wunderlist setup in Marvin.

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Any advantages to Marvin?

Marvin has a ton of features you won't find anywhere else.

And with its customizable system you can turn on exactly what you need and create a a workflow that is perfect for you.

Features List
Wunderlist alternative - Amazing Marvin - customizable to-do list app
Amazing Marvin to-do list app

Integrated support

Smart features

Marvin has a ton of unique features based on behavioral psychology that help you overcome procrastination and feel less overwhelmed.

Missing features

Any disadvantages to Marvin?

Amazing Marvin is still pretty new so we are missing a few features from Wunderlist: comments, task sharing, browser extension and file attachments.

But these features are on our roadmap! We are releasing new at least once a month. Take a look at what is coming up.

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Wunderlist alternative - Comparison disadvantages
Wunderlist alternative
Amazing Marvin logo

Easy import & Setup

Is it easy to switch?

Yes! You can import all of your tasks from Wunderlist to Marvin with just a few clicks.

Holy sh*t Amazing Marvin is the planning app I have been looking for for YEARS!

Hands down, this is the greatest productivity app I've ever used.

I came to terms that my fantasy productivity app did not exist and then BAM! Amazing Marvin to the rescue!

I am a student with ADHD and this is the first app that I can actually stick to using!

As a chronic procrastinator Marvin has been a true life saver! Thank you!

I used Marvin for the first time today and it felt like my productivity doubled!

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