Amazing Marvin

A customizable TickTick alternative

Looking for a TickTick alternative?
Amazing Marvin is a customziable to-do app with the features you love from TickTick and many more.

TickTick alternative: Amazing Marvin

Amazing Marvin
(setup to mimic TickTick)

I have used 6+ different task managers (Workflowy, TickTick, Things, TeuxDeux, Google Tasks, etc.) for significant periods of time and Amazing Marvin is by far the best.

Amazing Marvin is a beautiful, beautiful product. I might tear up in a few more minutes of exploring the app.

I was just setting this up, and I have to say that I'm in love. No, literally. I have used Todoist, ClickUp, Trello, Ticktick, even a very extensive setup on Notion, etc. and never felt satisfied with any of them.

I am incredibly blown away by your product. My task management workflow is not that complicated, but everything I tried (ToDoist, TickTick, etc.) was extremely restrictive.

I think it's an absolute killer app compared to what is in the market (used Todoist & Ticktick before)

I am enjoying it much more than any other solution I have used in the past.

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Why are you looking for a TickTick Alternative?

The feature-rich TickTick alternative

Here are some Amazing Marvin features that users commonly miss from TickTick:

Schedule & due dates
Duration estimates
Nestable folders
Customizable Sidebar
Time Tracking
Planning Features
Time Blocking
Full offline support
Disable cloud sync
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Have it your way

Powerful customization

You life and brain is unique.

Marvin's powerful customization options allows you to find a system that works for you.

Amazing Marvin Customizable to-do list app
Amazing Marvin customizable to-do list app

Integrated support

Smart features

Marvin has a ton of unique features based on behavioral psychology that help you overcome procrastination and feel less overwhelmed.

Easy import & Setup

Is it easy to switch?

Yes! You can import all your tasks from TickTick with our easy importer.

TickTick alternative
Amazing Marvin app
Amazing Marvin Procrastination Guide