Amazing Marvin

A customizable Things 3 alternative

Amazing Marvin is a customizable productivity app and a great cross-platform Things 3 alternative.

Things3 alternative: Amazing Marvin

Amazing Marvin
(setup to mimic Things 3)

I am loving your app. I've been using Things 3 but finding that your app has all the things I was missing form Things... Very well done. It's awesome AND gorgeous!

Been using it for 3 days transitioning from Things 3 and am enthralled!

Brand new user who is a veteran of all the to-do apps, but most recently and consistently Things 3. So far, I'm entranced by Marvin. REALLY impressive work. And, love your approach.

I’m particularly excited I can leverage your app to mimic Things 3 but with much more features such as time estimates, task drag and drop into a calendar, Pomodoro and complex smart lists.

I have to congratulate you for such a piece of art, I have been using different systems and Marvin is the only one that has surprised me recently :-).

2 months into a lifetime subscription of Amazing Marvin and I can say I’m completely satisfied. Worthwhile investment in my productivity.

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The feature-rich Things 3 alternative

Here are some Amazing Marvin features that users commonly miss from Things 3:

Calendar view
Smart Lists/Custom perspectives
Priority levels
Duration estimates
Customizable Sidebar
Time Tracking
Defer dates
Time Blocking
Full offline support
Disable cloud sync
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Have it your way

Powerful customization

You life and brain is unique.

Marvin's powerful customization options allow you to find a system that works for you.

Amazing Marvin - customizable to-do list app
Amazing Marvin - customizable to-do list app

Integrated support

Smart features

Marvin has a ton of unique features based on behavioral psychology that help you overcome procrastination and feel less overwhelmed.

Amazing Marvin - customizable workflows

Beyond Apple


Amazing Marvin is available as a web application, Android, iOS and as a desktop app on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Easy import & Setup

Is it easy to switch?

Yes! You can import all your tasks from Things 3 with our importer.

Things 3 alternative
Amazing Marvin - customizable to-do list app
Amazing Marvin Procrastination Guide