Amazing Marvin at a glance

There are a lot of fun features to explore in Marvin, but they are all built on top of a super solid core concept. Here is a quick overview.

The Master List

Store and organize all your tasks and projects

An important part of any productivity system is a place to store all the things you have to do, so they won't clog up your brain.

In Marvin, this place is the Master List. Here you can create nested categories, projects, and tasks.

The Master List is purposefully hidden away from your main view to reduce overwhelm as you should not be constantly reminded of ALL the things on your todo list.

Master List in Amazing Marvin todo app

Organize your tasks in nested projects and categories

The unlimited nesting of folders, projects and tasks is fantastic! I don't know why other todo apps don't do it like that. It's so useful.

- Robert O.

One day at a time

Work from a daily todo plan

With Marvin you tackle life one day at a time. Your home screen (where you work off your tasks) always shows your todo plan for the day.

Schedule tasks from your Master List into your days to make a daily todo list.

Using this Master List + Daily Todo List system creates a ton of benefits for you.

Day Planner Amazing Marvin todo app

Work from a daily todo list

So glad to have finally found an app that allows me to work from a daily list and have separate due dates. This is huge.

- Kenny W.

Lots of benefits

Unique advantages to working the Marvin way

People have reported that having a daily todo plan was the single best thing to boost their productivity. Some even reported doubling their productivity just by implementing this one step.

  • Working off a daily list vs your entire todo list reduces overwhelm.
  • Setting a concrete intention of what you want to do each day makes you much more likely to actually do it.
  • Planning ahead makes you prioritize important tasks and reduces emotional decision making
  • Working from a daily plan helps you become more aware of procrastination which is the first step in preventing it
  • A todo plan helps you start the day off productively, which sets the tone for the rest of the day.
  • Separating planning and doing makes you work more efficiently by reducing context switching.
  • Planning the night before ensures that you can use your freshest mental energy for working, not planning.
  • Having a plan for the next day ensures you sleep like a baby.

I feel like I have tried all the todo apps out there and I have to say I have never felt so on top of things and productive before. Marvin is truly amazing! :)

- Maya P.

Highly customizable

Find your perfect workflow

Different things work for different people and your workflow should be tailored to your unique brain and life.

In Marvin, each feature can be individually enabled and customized.

This allows you to create your own productivity system and experiment with your workflow without having to constantly switch apps.

Sounds like a lot of work? No worries, Marvin works right out of the box and playing with the features is super fun and intuitive.

Customize everything to build a tool that works for YOU.

Take a peek

Unique features designed to solve real problems

Not sure what task to do first? Worried you are putting too much on your plate? Feeling overwhelmed with the amount of tasks on your plate?

No matter the productivity challenge you face, Marvin probably has a feature to help.

Todo List Sections

Break up your daily todo list in any way that you want.

Time Blocking

Plan out your week – the more flexible alternative to scheduling tasks directly into a calendar.

Time Targets

Set targets for how much you want to work on things.

Long-term Planning

Plan projects and tasks for specific weeks/months and see if you are on track.

Super Focus Mode

Only see one task at a time for maximum focus.

Built-in Timers

Built-in sand and tomato timers.

Time Estimates

Add time estimates to tasks and see a total for each section/day.

Procrastination Count

See how many days you have been procrastinating each task.

Task Jar

Unsure what to tackle next? Put a list of tasks into a jar and pick from them at random.

Daily Bar Graph

See how many minutes you worked each hour and where the time went.

And so much more!

Check out our product roadmap – we've got some really exiting stuff coming up!

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