How Marvin helps you beat procrastination

Procrastination harms you in many ways. But Marvin is here to help. Find out how Marvin can help you beat procrastination.

Raise awareness

You can't fix what you can't see

You usually know when you are not getting as much done as you want. But without knowing the cause of your low productivity you can't do much about it.

In Marvin, you work from a daily plan which will quickly uncover if procrastination is a problem for you.

If there is a large gap in what you intend to get done and what you actually get done (that cannot be explained by other reasons), the culprit is procrastination.

What you intended to get done that day (daily plan)

How much you actually got done that day

Marvin helped me realize that I actually have a procrastination problem. I always thought planning is the problem… like I don’t know what to do. But it turns out when I do make a great plan, I barely complete any of the tasks on it and only log about 1h of actual work time. Yikes!

- Nils P.

Uncover procrastination patterns

Knowledge is power

Marvin has many tools to help you uncover patterns in your procrastination.

These insights help you to be strategic about fixing your procrastination.

For example: The "Procrastination Count" feature adds an exclamation mark to a scheduled task for each day that you put off the task.

After a few weeks you will start to notice which kinds of tasks you tend to put off.

Uncover Procrastination Patterns with Amazing Marvin

Ugh finances...

I realized that every task I procrastinate is longer than 30min (I use time estimates). So I started breaking the tasks down more and limiting each task to 30min with time boxing. I now finish my daily lists almost every day! I guess I really like short tasks.

- Jennifer H.

Make an intention

Increasing the chance you will do something

Many studies have shown that you are significantly more likely to do something if you make a specific intention on how and when you will do it.

Making an intention for action is at the very core of the Marvin productivity concept.

Working from a daily plan means you make an intention to do each task on a specific day and perhaps even a specific time.

Uncover Procrastination Patterns with Amazing Marvin

Each day has a list of what you intend to get done that day

I learned how to make tasty tasks and day planning made me really mindful of what I want to get done each day. It's so much easier to make progress on my goals when the steps are literally laid out right in front of me.

- Kyle O.

Reduce overwhelm

Fighting the big procrastination trigger

Procrastination is our attempt to avoid things that cause negative emotions.

When our todo list overwhelms us, our instinct is to avoid it.

While overwhelm isn't the only procratination trigger, it is a very common one. Marvin reduces overwhelm by:

  • Storing your master list out of plain view
  • Making it easy to break down large projects into small steps
  • Allowing you to break down your day into manageable chunks
  • Letting you see one task at a time by using the super focus mode or task jar
Super Focus Mode Amazing Marvin

See one task at a time in the Super Focus Mode

I can’t believe how much of a difference the super focus mode has made in my life. I just breeze though my tasks now, whereas before I would often stare at my todo list and just feel paralyzed by overwhelm.

- Mia S.

Clever features

Shifting the procrastination equation in your favor

We are always coming up with new features that help to shift the procrastination equation in your favor by:

  • Decreasing aversion to a task
  • Making progress feel more satisfying
  • Adding additional motivation for task completion
  • Increasing the negative consequences for inaction
Procrastination Equation

Marvin helps to shift the procrastination equation in your favor

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