Day Planning in Marvin

Marvin seperates where you store your tasks and where you work off your tasks.
This separation creates a ton of benefits for you.

Master list - Store and organize all tasks and projects in categories

My day - Work from a daily todo plan

Why day planning is a game changer

  • A todo plan helps to start the day off productively
  • Planning the night before ensures that you can use your freshest mental energy for working not planning
  • Separating planning and doing makes you work more efficiently by reducing context switching
  • Planning ahead automatically makes you prioritize important tasks
  • Working off a daiy list vs your entire todo list reduces overwhelm
  • Having a daily plan helps to become more aware of procrastination which is the first step in preventing it
  • Having a plan for the next day makes you sleep like a baby
  • People have reported that having a daily todo plan was the single biggest productivity boost (some even doubled their productivity just by implementing this one step)

Customizing your Workflow

In Marvin most features come packaged as a "strategy". Each strategy can be enabled/disabled and many can be customized. This allows you to create a productivity system that is tailored to your needs. And only seeing features that you actually use keeps the interface super clean.

Strategies list

Disable & enable strategies anytime to change your Marvin experience. We release new strategies every few weeks.

Strategy description and tips

Click on each strategy to learn what the strategy does, who it could be useful for, and why it works.

Strategy Tags

Each strategy has tags associated with it based on what the strategy can help with and what kind of strategy it is. Click on a tag to see only the strategies with that tag.

Feature Showcase

We are constantly coming up with new ways to help you work better. Here is a sample of some special Marvin features:
(Many more coming soon!)

Todo List Sections

Break up your daily todo list in any way that you want.

Time Estimates

Add time estimates to tasks and see a total for each section/day.

Time Blocking

Plan out your week. Perfect alternative to scheduling tasks directly into a calendar.

Time Tracking

Track how long it takes you to do tasks. (great for billable hours and productivity in general)

Project Prioritization

Categorize your projects based on three priority levels and always know what's most important.

Task Labels

Custom labels for your tasks.

Task Jar

Always unsure what to tackle next? Put all your tasks in a jar and pick them at random.

Scheduled Rewards

Schedule rewards directly into your todo list for more motivation.


Built-in sand and tomato timer.

Super Focus Mode

Only see one task at a time for maximum focus.